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Profile Galaxy 22mm Spline Drive Sprocket - Limited Edition

Regular price $ 84.99

Limited Edition Anthony Napolitan signature Galaxy Rust colorway.


CNC machined from 7075 Aluminum in the USA!

Requires no sprocket bolt. Instead, it has a hardened CrMo steel insert that matches up to the 48 splines on the crank spindle for pure, direct power transfer.

Available for 22mm 48-splined spindles only.

1/8″ tooth width for use with most freestyle/street & single speed chains.

Supplied with 22mm splined steel insert.

Weight: 25t: 78g/2.75oz
              28t: 87g/3.05oz
              30t: 96g/3.35oz

NOTE: Spline drive sprockets are not compatible with 2-piece cranks for Right Side Drive (not enough room for splines). Spline drive sprockets are compatible on Left Side Drive 2-piece cranks though.