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International Shipping Info


    Any and all persons completing an order from outside the United States of America through The Secret BMX Shop, whether online via or by telephone, are legally binding themselves to all following Terms and Conditions regarding international sales, services, policies, shipping rates, delivery, customs, duties, taxes, fees, returns, and/or liabilities. 


    All international orders will be completed in United States Dollars (USD) at checkout. 


    The Secret BMX Shop via our website,, currently ships internationally to the following countries.

  • Canada
    We are currently working to set up shipping to Australia and parts of Europe. Please check back soon for shipping availability to those countries. 


        All applicable customs, VAT, duties, taxes and any other import fees are NOT included in the shipping costs you pay at checkout. These amounts are assessed  by your government's Customs Agency and collected upon delivery of your package. When your package arrives, you (the customer) are responsible for paying any and all applicable customs, VAT, duties, taxes, and other import fees associated with your order, even if you refuse the package. By completing your order through The Secret BMX Shop via the or by phone, you (the customer) are acknowledging and agreeing to pay any and all applicable fees mentioned above.

        The Secret BMX Shop has no control of, and is not responsible for assessing, charging, or collecting any of the above-mentioned taxes or fees and has no power to waive them. If you are unfamiliar with ordering internationally, The Secret BMX Shop recommends you research and familiarize yourself with such taxes and fees before placing your online or phone order with The Secret BMX Shop. Any and all questions regarding the above-mentioned taxes and fees must be addressed with the applicable Customs Agency in your country.

        Refusal to pay any applicable customs, VAT, duties, taxes and any other import fees is a direct violation by you (the customer) of the legally-binding Terms and Conditions agreed upon by completing your order through The Secret BMX Shop by phone or via 

        Violation of these Terms and Conditions due to refusal or failure to pay any and all applicable import fees will directly result in the customer waiving any right to a return, exchange, credit, or any type of refund, be it monetary or otherwise for any product(s) purchased from The Secret BMX Shop. 

        If you (the customer) provide an incorrect shipping address at checkout and your package cannot be delivered, you will still be held responsible by your country's Customs Agency for paying any and all above-mentioned import fees relating to your order, whether or not you receive your package. Please double and triple-check to make sure your shipping address is accurate and complete before finalizing your order. 

        Any additional return fees that may arise due to refusal, non-payment of fees, or incorrect shipping address will result in an additional charge to you (the customer) for returning the product(s) to The Secret BMX Shop, and/or coverage of any loss or damage to the product(s) that may result from refusal, non-payment of import fees, or an incorrect shipping address. Should you choose to refuse or return any item(s) to The Secret BMX Shop, you will be charged a 30% restocking fee and you will also be responsible for the additional cost of shipping the item back.

        Again, if you have any questions with regards to the applicable import fees implemented by your country's Customs Agency, please contact them directly and find out everything you need to know so you are comfortable and confident before placing your order with The Secret BMX Shop. These import fees are real and you will be obligated to pay them for any international order, so it would best serve you to familiarize yourself with them ahead of time to avoid any surprises. 


        Estimated shipping rates are calculated and applied to your order at checkout. Currently, all shipping rates are based on the total dollar amount of your order. Please note, shipping rates are an estimate and in some cases, additional shipping rates may apply due to oversized or excessively heavy packages. Should this be the case with your order, The Secret BMX Shop will contact you via email or text message before your order ships to notify you of and collect payment for any additional shipping costs. 


        Due to size and weight restrictions, additional fees may apply if you choose to have your order sent to an international P.O. Box destination. We are unable to calculate this additional cost until after your order is packaged. If your package requires additional shipping costs or cannot be sent to your international P.O. Box destination, The Secret BMX Shop will contact you via email or text message before your order ships to notify you of and collect payment for any additional shipping costs.


        The Secret BMX Shop currently uses USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service) to ship all international orders.

        Shipping methods include, but are not limited to USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, and UPS Ground. The method and carrier used to ship your order may vary due to a number of factors and will be decided upon at the sole discretion of The Secret BMX Shop. If your shipping cost varies significantly from the original estimate, we will notify you via email or text message before your order is shipped.


        All orders placed online via or by phone with The Secret BMX Shop will not be shipped until payment has been received in full, and it has been verified that there are no problems with your order. Before your order is shipped, we will do our best to make sure there are no discrepancies with the order you have placed, or the information you have provided. If any problems are found, you will be notified, and we will resolve the issue(s) before your order is shipped. Once your order has been deemed "problem free", we will get it shipped out as soon as possible.

        The Secret BMX Shop is in no way responsible for any incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by the customer. Any and all additional costs or fees that might result from failure by the customer to provide accurate and complete shipping information will be the sole responsibility of the customer. 

        All shipments are sent out in the order they are received. When possible, we generally ship orders out within 1-2 days. A heavier flow of orders could delay these shipping times. Additionally, please allow extra time for your order to ship if it includes custom wheel builds or if it is a large and/or heavy order which may require special and/or extra packaging.


    Standard Shipping $0.00–$24.99 $18.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $25.00–$44.99  $28.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $45.00–$99.99  $38.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $100.00–$199.99  $48.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $200.00–$299.99  $55.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $300.00–$399.99  $65.00 + Customs Fees
    Standard Shipping $400.00–$10,000.00  $75.00 + Customs Fees

    *Additional shipping rates may apply if your order includes any oversized (bulky/heavy) items such as a 22"-29" bicycle or a grind rail, in which case updated shipping rates will be calculated and displayed during the checkout process. 

    *If an item is advertised to include "Free Shipping", it may only apply to orders shipped within the United States and not orders shipped internationally.