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Profile Aluminum Axle

Regular price $ 39.99

*Before submitting your order, please verify your hub/frame combination or hub/fork combination and make sure you are ordering the correct axle. Email or call the shop if you have any questions before placing your order.

Profile Racing’s Aluminum Hub Axles are precision CNC machined from 7075 Aluminum for unmatched strength and lightness.

A. 3/8" Mini Cassette Female Axle(fits Profile Mini, Totem, High Flange, & Madera cassette hubs)
B. 3/8" Elite Cassette Female Axle(fits Profile Elite cassette hubs)
C. 3/8" Mini/Elite Front Female Axle(fits Profile Mini, Totem, Elite, & Madera front hubs)
D. 3/8" High Flange Front Female Axle(fits Profile High Flange front hubs)

*3/8″ female axles use 3/8″ bolts(sold separately)

Front Axles: 36g/1.26 oz
Cassette Axles: 40g/1.4 oz