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Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster Hub

Regular price $ 179.99


  •  14mm chromoly axle bolts on both the drive and non-drive side for greater reliability
  • Improved clutch engagement
  • Crankflip ready (More slack than the v1 hub)
  • Improved manufacturing precision throughout
  • All-new durable proprietary plastic spec for the removable hub guard

The Clutch V2 hub is based off the traditional coaster hub design, but throws away all of the problematic elements, and only keeps the parts that work. We beefed up the axle, the bearings and the mechanism itself so riders can finally go backwards without spending all of their time fixing the hub. Includes a plastic hub guard and external slack adjustment.

  • Super-durable bearing arrangement throughout
  • Maximum strength axle design
  • Unique external slack adjustment feature
  • Super-durable drag mechanism design
  • Available in RHD and LHD
  • Protected by US Patent 9,469,157

NOTE: This is not a traditional cassette hub.