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Fly Bike Magneto Male Cassette Hub

Regular price $ 249.99

Made in Europe to ensure a higher-quality product. 

Featuring a magnetic engagement system within the driver using the force of two repelling magnets which cause the ratchet ring to engage and drive the hub. The magnetic field provides an even repelling force which causes the ratchet to move back and forth evenly, while also reducing friction compared to the use of springs. The Neomidium magnets Fly uses in this hub will maintain their magnetic field until you are wearing old man diapers. These properties create the fastest, most reliable and durable system possible, not to mention a pretty unique and powerful ratcheting sound. With ONLY ONE moving part, the assembly is as easy as it can get and reduces the overall weight significantly.

Utilizing heat-treated CNC collars to keep the hub feeling solid, while keeping the weight similar to aluminum hardware. The shell is made of a much stronger 7075 aluminum and features the sunken spoke holes used on Fly's Classic front hub. Precision-sealed cartridge bearings. 14mm chromoly male axle with 17mm axle nuts. The driver, collars and bolts use an anti-rust finishing process that also gives the hub an awesome look.