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Eclat Octa Grips

Regular price $ 11.99

170mm. Bar ends included.

Getting its name from a unique octagonal profile, the Eclat Octa Grip breaks the mold of conventional grip design. The 8-sided profile of the Octa Grip is based on simple ergonomics. The inside shape of a closed human hand gripping the bar is not perfectly round, so by using a slightly shaped grip profile we were able to create a grip which simply fits to the shape of your hand, ensuring a more secure and comfortable hold on the bars.

  • Unique multi-directional ribbed profile with grip-cells for increased traction was inspired by an idea from Eclat PRO Julian Arteaga
  • Small micro-bumpers at each end of the grip, the handlebar and grip are also protected when things get a little choppy and it’s time to jump ship from the bike
  • Longer 170mm profile is designed to prevent you from having to stretch the grip before installing, allowing the 30mm diameter and overall longevity of the grip not to be reduced
  • Paired with a high-performance rubber compound and Tech Bolt bar ends, make the Octa Grip a technical BMX grip