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DIG BMX Magazine Issue #2023

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The 2023 Photo annual / Collector’s edition - 196 pages - oversized format. 



018-025: The 2023 DIG Photo Contest

Over three thousand photos later and we’ve finally picked our winners…


034-041: The Trey Jones Interview

Finally  some outspoken opinions that we can get firmly behind. 


056-049: The DIG Awards 2023

Our picks for best rider, best video, best crew and more... 


052-081: Project X

The CUT BMX and DIG concoct the mother of all road-trips.   


084-111: Active Shooter–Rob Dolecki

From hurricane spots–to trails–to train tracks, and plenty inbetween. Fifteen months on the road with the BMX photographer’s BMX Photographer.

112-121: Freak–An Interview with Rich Forne

“...I realized whatever we create would need to represent more than the current moment in time, it should represent the future.”


122-128: Trust in the Process

The BSD Mixtape is coming and Dave Sowerby tells us why, how, who, what, and when. 


130-145: 2023 In Photos

Photographic highlights from the last 12 months, and Nathan Williams delivers yet again.


150-159: Reflections–Julian Arteaga and Brett Silva

Burn Slow’s Adam Roye gets a guest designer spot and interviews two Austin pro transplants.


162-165: Keep in Down

Scott Marceau introduces some Long Beach locals on the rise.


168-175: Naija

The story behind the emergence of Nigeria’s new BMX scene and the construction of their first ever skatepark.


178-191: Dennis Enarson & Perris Benegas ‘Integration’

First hand perspective on teamwork, forever pushing boundraies, and the most progressive women’s BMX video part to date.