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Cult x Vans BMX Slip-On Shoes

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Raw, straight to the point and attention to detail, much like CULT's mindset was the thought process behind this latest collaboration... Inspired by the powerful and dangerous diamondback rattlesnake.
Watch your step or get bit.
CULT and VANS have been working together for over 10 years with a heavy catalog of collaborative shoes, soft goods, grips, tires and events. 
This project only cements our history together even harder.

Another first of its kind, built with BMX in mind. 

The WAFFLECUP™ BMX is now available in a slip-on style. The iconic Vans-style upper with DURACAP™ reinforcement, on top of our WAFFLECUP™ BMX construction, gives the BMX Slip-On maximum pedalfeel and durability. . .with a timeless style. This slip-on BMX shoe also features sturdy suede and 10 oz canvas uppers, rubber toe caps, and Vans original waffle outsoles made of a rubber that offers grip and support.

  • VANS WAFFLECUP BMX CONSTRUCTION - A first of its kind in BMX, specifically designed to deliver the best combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability.
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY - Reinforced DURACAP™ underlays in high-wear areas add unrivaled durability to prolong the life of each shoe.
  • CLASSIC GUM RUBBER GRIP - The Van Doren™ Gum Rubber Compound, made of a rubber that offers grip and support, is what attracted BMXers to Vans in the first place. This is the Sole of BMX.