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Profile Limited Edition Mini Hubset - Matte Green

Regular price $ 349.99

Limited Edition Halahan matte green.


1-piece driver with 4 pawls/springs. 

OPTION 1: Chromoly 3/8" female front axle w/ 3/8" hex bolts, chromoly 14mm rear axle with axle nuts, silver cones.

OPTION 2: Chromoly 3/8" Female Front Axle w/ 3/8" Button Head Bolts, Chromoly Female Rear Axle w/ 3/8"-14mm Button Head Bolts, upgraded black cones.

*If you want to upgrade to titanium bolts or a rear axle, give us a call after placing your order. 

Weight: 17.65 oz (14mm GDH chromoly axle and driver)