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Subrosa Street Rail

Regular price $ 239.99

THIS ITEM IS CHARGED A FLAT-RATE "BULKY/HEAVY ITEM" SHIPPING COST. The flat-rate shipping cost of this item will be added onto the "Standard Shipping" cost of any other items you purchase. 

Perfect 8 foot long, 18 inch height for beginners and pros to learn and try new moves.
Ease of transportation with 4 foot disassembled size.
Spot enhancing capabilities, just add creativity.
Bolt to the ground for a more permanent structure.
Fast black coating for superior grindablility.
Hardened high tensile steel, 2.25 in round tubing for limitless trick capabiliites.
Heat treated, 17 mm hex bolts for ease of assembly.
Packaged size 51" x 5.5" x 3.5"
Weight: 50 lbs

NOTE: No returns or exchanges on any grind rail or rail accessories.